Speech Pathology Team Training

with Ishwari Samarakoon


Team Training

We all know that striking a healthy work-life balance is not only crucial for individual well-being, but also for a team’s success. Through this training, I will target the unique needs of each team member and provide the necessary support and guidance for them to truly excel.

In the training, I will help team members explore what a balanced career and personal life means to them. By addressing their specific circumstances and aspirations, they’ll be able to confidently make conscious choices, which align with their personal and professional goals.

This training will help your team:

Avoid Burnout

Burnout is detrimental to individuals, the team and the organisation as a whole. I will provide your team members with proven techniques to manage stress, prevent burnout, and maintain healthy work-life harmony. I’ll also identify early warning signs and help them implement effective coping strategies, so they can successfully navigate challenges and flourish in their roles.

Retain Talented Therapists

As a growing organisation, retaining your talented therapists is of utmost importance. By providing comprehensive support for their well-being, you create an environment where your therapists feel valued and supported. This, in turn, creates higher job satisfaction. Just as importantly, it massively reduces the likelihood of them leaving your organisation, in search of a role that better fits their work life and personal needs.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

When team members have a healthy work-life balance, they’re better prepared to collaborate effectively. They enjoy improved communication and become teamwork orientated. This creates synergy throughout your organisation. With everyone feeling more energised and fulfilled, you can expect a boost in creativity and problem-solving, which leads to increased productivity.

Increased Employee Engagement and Loyalty

By investing in your team’s well-being and work-life balance, you demonstrate your commitment to them. You show that you truly want to help with their professional growth and their happiness. This genuine concern for their personal and professional development, increases cooperation and loyalty throughout. It’s a wonderful way to improve long-term employee retention and a more stable, motivated workforce. A workforce that’s dedicated to your organisation and your mission.

Ready to work with me?

Speech Pathology Team Training

My unique approach lies in the combination of expertise, tailored coaching and unwavering passion for the Speech Pathology profession.

Mentoring in Action

“My biggest takeaway was how to keep myself regulated and get over the imposter syndrome. I’m a much better person, and speechie since putting into practice her teachings. I feel so confident in what the future holds for me and I love my job. I absolutely believe that this mindset was borne from our weekly coaching, which is why I will be continuing as a mentee. Still so much to learn.

Highly, highly recommend Ish to any new grad. She will change your life!”


Tanya – WA

“ABSOLUTELY LIFE CHANGING (and yes I am screaming)!!! I have never felt more empowered as a Speechie & soon-to-be business woman, I always walk away from our zoom sessions feeling positive and on top of the world… and I want put everything we talked about into fruition asap”


Cheyenne – Bluebell Allied Health

“My zoom sessions with Ish are extremely helpful! I am a completely different wife, mother, Speechie and business owner thanks to Ish”


Allie – Evolving Speech Pathology

“Zoom sessions very helpful, particularly enjoying information around EBP and more of your special interest areas… All client information has been helpful and easy to implement straight away”


Piper – Regional WA

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