We all want it. 

The feeling we get when we can just do the thing without second-guessing, worrying or wondering. 

Some people seem to have it naturally. But the truth is, there is a bunch of stuff we can do easily, effortlessly and successfully. We don’t even think about it. We just do it. 

But what about the other stuff? The stuff we get in our head about? 

That’s where we need confidence. 

Unfortunately though, confidence is a funny thing. We only get it AFTER we do the thing. 

How brilliant would it be if we could have the confidence, do the thing and be even more confident afterwards? That would be my kind of double dipping!

So how can we get ourselves confident enough to take the leap?

Well, one of the easiest ways is to create a portfolio of all your achievements. This doesn’t have to involve scrapbooking and art supplies. You can simply have a folder on your phone. You can take screenshots of emails and messages that SHOW your success. The compliments, the thanks, the feedback that says you have runs on the board. YOU are great. 

You can also have a physical box that contains cards, hand-written messages and drawings that show how much people appreciate YOU. The things you can DO. 

These collections will help you to grow your confidence because they are evidence that you know what you are doing and that you are successful. You’ve got this. 

Another hidden gem in the confidence trade is therapy. It can be talk therapy, somatic therapy or any other form of therapy that works for you. 

No matter which avenue you take, over time, you will build the inner confidence required. By repeatedly DOING the things, which are new to you now, you’ll normalise them. They’ll be second nature to you. And that confidence will shine through your work.

You absolutely CAN do it, with evidence. You CAN do it by releasing baggage. You CAN do it in small steps. You don’t need to be scared.

The key is doing it.