Hello and Welcome

It’s an absolute privilege to have you here. 

As Speechies, we graduate from Uni knowing such a small amount. We think we’ve been taught so much and are ready to leap into our first job, our first day, our first client. Then very quickly we realise how much we don’t know. What little we were actually taught. 

Then the imposter syndrome kicks in. All of a sudden our head is filled with doubts. 

It’s not surprising because Uni and our pracs haven’t set us up very well. In reality, we only have minutes to plan sessions, not hours or days. Our sessions can bomb out because of things completely out of our control. Yep, that was me, just last week with a kiddo who was exhausted from swimming lessons. 

So, I’ve created this blog as a place you can come to learn what Uni should have taught you. To hear and read about what pracs should have taught you. While you are here, I’ll probably question the status quo and ask, why do Speechies make everything harder than it needs to be

Through this blog, I’ll strive to help you develop a wonderfully successful career as a Speechie. I’ll also seek to make your Speechie life easier, more enjoyable and as rewarding for you as possible, on every level. 

So, be sure to bookmark this blog and come back regularly. You will always be extremely welcome.