Starting is hard.

Whether it’s starting a new year. 

Starting back at work.

Starting a new job.

Or starting a new goal.

You can feel stuck and the inertia is real.

It can feel very big and knowing where to start and what to do first can be tricky.

The key to starting is removing obstacles. Try to get rid of anything that is getting in the way of you taking action. 

The obstacles are different for all of us because we are unique in our bodies, our minds, our baggage and our life. 

But if, before we start, we remove the obstacles, it makes taking the first step so much easier. 

An example of this is my clinical work. 

Before I jump straight into seeing clients, I’ll give myself a day to get on top of the emails, and invoices, confirm appointments, know my calendar and get ahead of my to-do list. These are all obstacles that get in the way of providing therapy. Because they need my time and attention. Also without these obstacles, I don’t have a business to provide therapy from.

If I don’t put this time aside, I’ll dive straight into the client sessions and then come unstuck within a day, because now, in addition to all the admin that was waiting for me through the holidays, I have assessments to score, reports and progress notes to write and more sessions to prep for.

I also make sure that all my meals are sorted for the day. My car has petrol. I know what I am wearing and my bag is packed. 

That way, I can start my first clinic day with an empty inbox and nothing hanging over my head. No obstacles to dread. Nothing to get done or prepared, I just wake up, get going and allow the day to unfold.

So if starting is getting you stuck, rather than thinking about the first step, ask yourself; 

What’s getting in my way? 

What changes do I need to make? 

What things do I need to put in place?

Then starting will look a whole lot easier.