Are you in the habit of overcommitting?

Whether this is to a new goal, task or idea.

Or to a person or request.

Often we try to do too much. I definitely know I do. 

I think I have more time than I do.

I think I have more energy or desire than I do. 

Or I want to make someone happy or I think by saying ‘yes’ it will all be a little easier. 

Our need to overcommit often comes from something deeper than just a difficulty holding a boundary or people pleasing or imposter syndrome

It can come from a true belief that if we tried harder, worked a little more, and were more disciplined or consistent, we could do it. 

& maybe we could. 

Overcommitment isn’t just about adding to our to-do list. It’s about our desires to do better and be better. 

& I think at the start of the new year, it can go into hyperdrive. 

After all, we have the whole year ahead of us.

We’ve just come off a break.

We are seeing everyone else commit to so many goals.

So what do we have to lose?


We can lose our confidence. We can feel incompetent. We can feel unsuccessful. We lose our momentum. 

We start too big. We fall too quickly. 

& we find it hard to regroup.

Instead, rather than overcommitting, we should look at a 1% change. What does a 1% tweak look like to my current tasks, goals or ideas? What does an additional 1% commitment to a person or request look like?

After all, we learned a lot in 2023. We grew a lot in 2023. We are not the same people who started 2023. 

We are stronger, more capable, more skilled and more experienced. 

So we don’t need to have a complete overhaul to be better or do better. 

We just need 1%.

& slowly compound, each day, each week, each month with consistency, momentum, confidence and self-trust. 

So that by the end of 2024, we will be 366% more skilled, capable, and successful and the best bit?

We enjoyed the process and thrived through it.