Are you thinking about changing your job? 

Not happy with the KPI’s and expectations of your role? Feeling burnout

Are you looking to resign, but worried that the next job will be the same?

Then you are not alone. I am hearing this from my mentees and a lot of Speechies. 

So what do you do? Do you stay or do you go? 

Well, before making that decision, one action that will help give you clarity is to make a list. 

Look at your current job and list down what you love about the role. What gets you excited about it? What inspires you and makes you want to do your absolute best?

Then, do the opposite. Write down everything that you hate or dislike about your job. Whether it’s the people, clients, the KPI’s, expectations, hours, admin etc. 

With this information, you can now get clarity. You KNOW exactly what you want and what you don’t want. You can look at the list to make 2 decisions. 

The first, is deciding on whether to stay or go. 

Look at the list and ask yourself, can I speak to my senior or employer about my concerns and have them addressed? If yes, then speak to them. It is far easier to stay in a role you are already doing than move. You know the work, the people and the clients, so you can focus on consolidating your skills rather than learning new ones and spreading yourself thin. 

Be brave – have the conversations. Ask for what you need. 

The second decision is only needed if you are looking for a new job. Use your list when applying for positions or talking to therapists who have worked or are working for that employer. Make sure that the jobs you are applying for have all the elements that you love and ideally none of the elements you dislike. This way, you are not jumping from one negative workplace to another. Instead, you are making a positive jump that will advance your career and significantly improve your mental health. 

You are making the decision with clarity and confidence. 

Using this framework to look at your job objectively will help you make decisions that work for you and get you further ahead, without the self-doubt.