Work-life balance is like happiness. We all want it but it can be fleeting especially if we aren’t clear about what it looks like. 

Work-life balance isn’t one thing. 

It’s also not stable, consistent or forever. 

Instead, it’s ever-changing, growing, leaving and returning depending on our actions.

It also looks very different for each of us in different phases of our life. 

We also think of it as work-life balance. As if we need to balance work, which is around 8 hours of our day with our remaining 16 hours.

In reality, though, we are trying to balance life and work is a part of that.  As is sleep, eating, resting, exercising, socialising, life admin and everything else we want or need to do.

So if you feel like you are in a ‘life rut’, rather than focusing on work-life balance, take a look at ALL the aspects of life. 

Routines, finances, relationships, mental health, resilience. You’ll find the answers here. 

By taking a step back and looking at all the parts, you’ll be able to see what is working and what isn’t. What do you need less of? What do you need more of?

From there, you can take action to add more of what you need and change what you don’t. 

And you can do it without having to make drastic changes, putting yourself outside your comfort zone or making choices that don’t serve you.