Are you a new Grad?

It’s exciting, isn’t it? Finally, finishing uni? Getting your first job? Ready to finally put everything you have learnt into practise?

Then the reality hits. The imposter syndrome starts. The mountain of what you don’t know and what you have to learn is massive. 

But there is an upside.

It’s a mindset shift that makes all the difference. 

Before, when you are a student, the focus is on finishing. Impressing your supervisor, passing your pracs, acing your units and getting your degree. 

You spend hours researching, scrolling and learning. Finding the best activities, the latest research, the hottest tools. You write long and detailed session plans. You worry and imagine sessions going horribly and you celebrate each great moment. Each positive piece of feedback reminds you that you’re hitting the milestones needed to graduate. 

In the working world though, things are so different. Firstly, you don’t have someone watching and critiquing you, your plans or your sessions. You don’t have hours to research, scroll and find the latest and greatest toy or resource. You have so many clients on your caseload and so many sessions in the week, that you can’t imagine the worst-case scenarios for each of them. 

Importantly, you don’t have anyone giving you regular praise so that you know you are on the right track. 

You can’t be sure whether the feelings you are feeling are the right ones. You can’t be absolutely sure you are doing all the right things. You don’t know what to expect and when to expect it. What does progress as a new Grad actually look like?

This is where the mindset shift is so important. 

Once you graduate, you need to shift your thinking from short term (ie a job) to long term (ie career). Each job is a milestone in your career. Each client is an opportunity to gain skills for your career. Each setback is building your resilience and knowledge for your career. 

As a new grad, thinking about your career from the get go, you will look at the jobs on offer very differently. You will want different outcomes. Success will feel different. When you move jobs, it will be for different reasons. 

You are no longer striving with an endpoint in mind but instead embarking on a journey. A journey that if done well, will span decades. 

That’s why this mindset shift is so important. 

That’s why setting yourself up with a clear roadmap is so important. 

Why receiving mentoring, supervision and having a community around you is so important. 

Whether you are just about to enter the working world or are a few months or years in, it’s not too late to make this shift.

Careers are built over time and you have a wonderful opportunity to make yours great.