It’s real and we all suffer from it.

Jump on social media and we are instantly hit by it. 

It also happens throughout the day, through conversations and helpful suggestions. 

It’s easy to want what others have. It’s easy to think you want what others have. 

Watching Speechies go on exciting holidays or hire a team can definitely get us wondering or even envious. 

It can make us stop and think. What are we doing wrong that we are not hiring a team, getting promoted, buying amazing things or going to wonderful locations? 

We might get jealous, frustrated or have even more self-doubt. 

We start thinking we are doing life wrong, our career incorrectly and worse, we are missing out. 

But here’s the thing: The question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I want?”

Let’s take holidays.

A wonderful European holiday is very exciting, but do you want to spend 18 months or more savings for it? Missing out on fun while you grow your savings?

How about a promotion?

For some people, moving up the career ladder is rewarding, fun and definitely worth the sweat and tears. But if managing people, putting out fires and being the person responsible for tough decisions isn’t your cup of tea, is that promotion actually that exciting?

About 6 years ago, I decided that building a bigger team and having a clinic that was thriving was what I wanted. I had seen others do it and I wanted that. I threw myself fully into it. I gave up evenings and weekends. I saw less of Paul and my friends. I was growing and implementing and hiring. Spending hours, days and weeks mentoring and supporting my staff. It was a lot. 

I wish I had stopped and thought about how much I hated being a manager. I love supporting and empowering therapists. I really don’t like managing people. Once the business grew, that was essentially a lot of what I had to do. Manage staff. Manage expectations. Manage clients. 

Often we only want 1 part of the FOMO pie.

The 1 part that really appeals to us.

We often don’t want the rest of it. 

So what can we do instead?

We can get super clear on what we want. 

Want a holiday? There are so many destinations that don’t break the bank.

Want more recognition? Take on a minor role, that has you as the expert or go-to person but doesn’t come with the weight of expectations.

Want more income?

You don’t need to grow a team to do that. 

Once you figure out exactly what you want, then it’s so much easier to know exactly how to get that piece of the pie.