Are you ready for February?

I asked this on my Instagram story on the weekend. The census was a loud NO. 

With each new month, it feels like we have to do better. 

The expectations are high. 

Each month feels like a new beginning. A chance to re-write the goals, increase the wins, add more pressure and feel deflated when reality hits. 

For me rather than focusing on the new month, I think “what can I do to make this day 1% better than the day before?”

This might mean I focus on spending 5 minutes less on my phone or 5 minutes longer in bed with my coffee. It might mean I listen to a podcast, or read an extra chapter in my book. It might mean spending a few minutes in the sunshine or going to bed a little earlier. 

These are not big things. But they all make my day better. 

& this makes the start of the new month better. 

& easier.

& more likely to be successful than the month before. 

So if you are dreading the start of the new month, a new term, or a new season, try this mindset flip. Focus on the 1% add that makes your day better.