Do you know what success means to you?

Does success look like having a lot of money? If so, exactly how much?

Does it mean having more time? If so, exactly how much?

Does it mean accolades? If so, which ones?

Often we are striving for success but we don’t know exactly what that is.

It’s constantly moving goalposts. We change our minds. We get jealous of what others have. We get FOMO. We get tired.

When I was in my 20’s, success looked like a private practice split across 2 locations with at least 3 Speechies at each. Also a large house and an investment home.

Now success to me looks like loving what I do, working 9 day fortnights, having ME days, ME weeks, overseas trips and not burning out. 

But either way, these are incredibly loose success markers. 

Loving what I do? What does that exactly mean? How do I decide that I love what I do? 

Or overseas trips? Exactly how many per year marks success? Or is it dependent on the location?

I think we all want to be successful but we have no idea of what this means for us.

& if we don’t know what it means, how do we know we have arrived?

So if success is on your list, like it is on mine, I urge you to get super clear on it. 

Understand EXACTLY what it looks like. In clear measurable markers. 

When you get CLEAR on this, you’ll get a very good understanding of what is important and what isn’t for you.

& clarity over what to focus on & what to let go of. 

& best of all, 

when you achieve it, you’ll know.